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Duck on the Pond - Reflection of Washington Monument.

I grew up running away from the camera. Always hiding from the lens. Then my dad went digital. I stole his Canon AE-1 35mm, got behind the lens, and nothing has looked the same since. Now a camera is my constant companion. Through the viewfinder, the world grows and shrinks in the same moment. In the confluence of light and shadow, rich hues and subtle emotions, lies a ripple released with the shutter. In time, one still frame will lap at the edges of memories. The white of a wedding gown. The hint of smile. The quiet of a fading sun. This has become my art and my passion.

It is my hope my images can convey to you, even in the slightest way, the wonder I experience in a photograph. That they might capture you in the way I have learned to see the world in all of its created glory. Whether it is an image of your wedding, your family, your relationship, or simply a duck on a pond, I hope that we might be able to marvel together at the power of a photograph.

A picture is... the second best way to share a moment.


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